Benefits for Members

As a GMNI member

  • You will be part of a well-established international accounting association without losing your independence.
  • You will be able to service your clients better by offering them access to global resources, with local knowledge.
  • You will expand your global network of contacts.
  • You can retain clients who may otherwise be lost.
  • You can attract clients who have a global requirement.
  • You can share technical knowledge, practice management information and marketing ideas with professionals from all over the world.
  • Your firm’s profile is enhanced through its broader offering.


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  • We look for full-service accounting firms with English speaking capability at partner level.
  • We seek firms with a wide range of clients, some of which do international business.
  • We look for high quality standards and a willingness to participate in annual regional and international conferences.

Additionally the majority of a member’s principals/partners must be members of a recognised professional accounting body within their country.

Each member is expected to abide by the standards of service demanded by their recognised professional accounting body. Additionally there are standards of service that GMNI expects members to adhere to in respect of business referred between members and in their dealings with other members and the association’s officers.

GMNI has a structured admission process, the first step of which is to provide your contact information. You will then receive a request to complete a short pre-application form. This will be reviewed and your firm will be assessed for suitability for membership. If considered suitable you will be invited to complete our Membership Application. Then, after any queries have been satisfactorily dealt with, a practice review will be undertaken by a GMNI member. A visit report will then be submitted to our Management Committee and relevant Regional Executive Committee and, on their recommendation, your application will be put to the International Executive Committee to formally vote on your firm’s admittance to membership.

Generally full members shall be granted exclusivity for a geographic area.

No. GMNI does not provide accountancy services to clients. Members provide services to their clients in their own names.

Information is shared in accordance with GMNI’s Data Privacy Policy.

Each member is provided with GMNI’s Visual Brand Identity guidelines and files they need to display their GMNI membership status and send a signal of their international credentials.

Members’ contact information is included on the GMNI website, from which there is a link to each member’s website. Members are encouraged to link their website to the GMNI website.

No. Continuing Professional Development is the responsibility of each member in accordance with the requirements of their recognised professional accounting body. At conferences and special interest meetings a significant portion of time is devoted to matters that would be considered relevant to a member’s professional development.

No. Fee arrangements on work referred between members are agreed between members prior to commencement of an assignment.

There is a very high expectation that GMNI members attend both regional and international conferences, held annually. These represent excellent networking opportunities. As a minimum a member should attend at least one meeting each year.

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