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Your Questions

  • How much does membership cost?

    A membership fee is payable annually and is calculated by reference to a firm’s gross revenues. When you register your interest with us we will be pleased to provide you with a calculation of your annual contribution. An admission fee is payable as a contribution to the costs incurred by us during the admission process.

  • Is there regional exclusivity?

    Generally members shall be granted exclusivity for a geographic area.

  • Are there different classifications of membership?

    Yes, there are three classifications of membership, full, associate and correspondent. Most members are full members.

  • What is the process for admission?

    Interested parties will be asked to complete and submit a new firm questionnaire, together with relevant documentation, for review by GMN International executives who will assess suitability for membership. After enquiries have been satisfactorily answered a GMN International representative will conduct a visit to the office of the prospective member which will include interviews with the partners, a presentation on GMN International and an inspection of a sample of working papers files. Following the visit the reviewer will submit a report to the GMN International executive to consider and approve admission of the prospective member.

  • How can I become a member of GMN International?

    GMN International members are responsive accounting firms committed to providing superior client service to the highest professional and ethical standards. If this is your firm then please complete the contact form to receive further information.

  • Who is eligible to become a member?

    For an interested party to be eligible for membership the majority of their principals must be members of a recognised professional body within their jurisdiction and at least one contact principal must speak English fluently.

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